Elderly Man Can’t Afford Groceries But What This Cashier Said Is Going Viral

If we watch the news on TV or pay attention to it on the Internet, we recognise that they only focus on what is bad. In fact, it can be rather depressing when we hear bad news over and over again and we might start feeling as if there is nothing good happening in the world. From time to time, however, something slips in the cracks and it has the ability of putting a smile on your face and bringing back your faith in humanity.

This act of kindness took place at a small dollar store and it has gone viral. Tim McKellar wrote about how he witnessed this most impressive act and he wanted to share it with his friends. The post even included a photo of the receipt so he could share the address of the store. It was liked over 1500 times and received hundreds of comments as well.

Tim was shopping at the store when he saw an elderly veteran that was having a difficult time paying for his groceries. When he ran his card, the transaction didn’t go through because he couldn’t remember his pin number. A lady in line even tried to help the man’s swipe his card after a few tries but it was declined.

It is what happened next, however, that really inspired the Facebook post. He wrote, “That’s when the cashier Jacob Wittman pulled his wallet out and told the lady to scan his card which ended up working without any problem.”

Everyone was shocked at what happened, including the older gentleman who was wearing his veteran hat. He didn’t realise what had just happened and he asked if Wittman had just bought $20 worth of items for him.

McKellar quoted the response to the customer: “Yes sir,” he said, “and you don’t owe me a dime.” It was those last six words that made it so special.

McKellar was amazed at the giving attitude, especially considering his level of employment. He wrote of the message, “Now this kid obviously makes minimum wage or real close to it and probably didn’t have the extra money to spare.”

Through it all, Wittman found a way to help a man in need and ironically, he had even shared a funny Meme on his Facebook page the day before.

It reads, “When an old lady gets mad and asks to speak to the manager but you’re the manager … Check out the name tag, you’re in my world now grandma.”

Many people praised him for his generosity and one woman even went so far as to call him an incredible human being.

Wittman responded, “I was only doing what I knew was the right thing. Thank you for your kind words.”

It’s rare to see this occur but Wittman is setting an example for all of us. He wants us to know that it is okay to break the rules and at times, we just need to dig deep and do the right thing.

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