4 Men Start This Irish Dance But Things Change Quickly When The 5th Man Appears

How many different types of dance could you identify? At one time, most people would have said just a few and they would’ve been limited to the most popular dances of the day. Today, however, we are introduced to many different types of dance through television shows, such as Dancing with the Stars, and through the Internet. It has really enhanced our lives in many different ways and the ability to view and appreciate dance may help us in ways that we don’t yet fully understand. That is true of the following dance, which is absolutely amazing.

This dance is a traditional Irish dance, something that you may be familiar with because of the popular Riverdance. Although Riverdance has only been around for a short amount of time, traditional Irish dance has been around for centuries. It is absolutely beautiful and lively, as you are about to see. It really doesn’t matter if you are watching it being performed in a group or as a solo, it is something that can excite the senses and truly make you appreciate just what people are able to do when they practice and put their mind to it.

Although the traditional Irish dance may be performed in many different types of venues, this particular dance was put on at the Irish Dance World Championship, held in Dublin. People came from around the world from 20 different countries in order to compete and to see just what was possible where this traditional Irish dance was concerned. The dancers that you see below are known as the Fusion Fighters and when they took the stage, they put on a show that will not be forgotten for quite some time. Thanks to the video below, you get to see it as well and you will have to agree, it is absolutely amazing!

It doesn’t matter if you are passionate about dance or not, the passion that these people put into it is nothing short of amazing.



The dance itself starts out rather small with two women doing some unbelievable moves on the stage. It isn’t long, however, before an entire group comes out on the stage and they start dancing in unison. It is difficult to keep up with their feet as they dance on the stage in front of you. What is even more amazing is the fact that it is their feet that is doing the majority of the dancing.

Most people who are mildly familiar with this type of Irish dance feel that the entire dance is done with the feet. As you will see in the video, however, it is not only the feet but it is the entire body that can get involved!


The movements are so intricate that sometimes you need to back up and watch it again in order to see everything that it has to offer.

If you really had to choose a word for this particular group, you would have to say inspiring. There is no doubt that they have practiced for hours upon hours in order to reach this level of skill and fortunately, they are willing to show it to the world.


They may have traveled to Dublin in order to take part in this competition but the Internet has now taken this video and displayed it to thousands if not millions of people!

Much of the dance is done with the feet, and the legs are in constant movement during the entire routine. You may marvel at the intricacy of the dance or the skill of the dancers but there is something else that you really need to keep in mind, the fact that they have to be in tremendously good shape!



I don’t know about you, but I can get winded when I’m walking up a flight of stairs so I truly have a lot of respect for any dancer who was able to get out on the dance floor and move like this. What is amazing is not only the fact that they are moving but the fact that they have a smile on their face at the same time!

This type of traditional Irish dance dates back over 600 years but it may actually be much older. Originally, it was performed for the enjoyment of those who watched it and it may have been performed at weddings, celebration and even in competitions.


Things are very similar today and this type of dance is not about to go anywhere soon.

You can enjoy the entire dance in this video. I’m sure that you will watch it more than once!

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