I’ve Heard This 1964 Classic Many Times Before, But The Way He Sang It Gave Me Chills

Heavy metal and Simon and Garfunkel are not two bedfellows you would automatically put together, coming from totally opposite ends of the musical spectrum and yet the performance of their massive hit “The Sound Of Silence” by heavy metal group “Disturbed” has had people talking everywhere. YouTube views of the performance are off the scale and even the great man himself Paul Simon has commented on the fact that he really liked it, praise indeed.

So impressed was Simon with the performance that he actually used his personal Facebook page and linked to the video of the group performing the song on “Conan” with a simple comment “wonderful”. Lead singer of “Disturbed” David Draiman was understandably very touched and said “When the original songwriter himself gives his blessing and compliments you on what you’ve done, when our entire intention was to pay homage to one of the most prolific and gifted songwriters of all time, it’s truly overwhelming and incredibly surreal, and a very big shock.

We couldn’t have hoped for a more positive outcome. It’s wonderful knowing that he loves it. To be praised for your interpretation of a song by the songwriter must indeed be something special, but I will leave it for you to make up your own mind, by watching the video of the performance below.


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