Dancers Arrange Themselves In Circles And Then Amaze The Audience With Their Moves

It is always enjoyable when we get to see someone who is skilled at their art. It doesn’t matter if they are an artist that paints on canvas or if they are somebody that performs in front of us, they can often do amazing things. At times, the artist doesn’t do something themselves but rather, they put a program together and choreograph it perfectly and the end result is nothing short of amazing. That is what this group of women was able to do and they certainly were able to please the crowd in a remarkable way.

Although performances take place around the world, Texas is often known for the skill of those who are inside of the school system. This is especially true when it comes to a dance team competition and the high kick competition is often one of the events that people look forward to more than others. The group of dancers moved together in unison and when they do so, it produces an optical illusion that is absolutely amazing to see.

The girls in this group are from Southlake Texas. They are the Carroll High School Emerald Belles and the choreography behind this particular routine left the audience cheering and wanting more. When you watch this video, you might even have a difficulty believing that you are seeing it in front of your own eyes.

The routine starts with the dancers spread out across the floor while the song, Sweet Dreams plays in the background. As it turns out, it is the perfect song to play for this routine and once they begin moving, you see that they don’t miss a beat in the process.

The dancers are in a variety of levels at the beginning of the routine and there is a single dancer who is out in the middle, almost as if she is taking the lead. It doesn’t take long, however, before she blends in with the rest of the dancers and you actually have a difficulty remembering who she was.

As the girls get into a closer formation, the entire routine begins to take shape in front of your eyes. At first, it almost seems as if they are disjointed because they are standing, sitting and facing in different directions. When they gathered in the middle of the dance floor, however, the unity of the dance moves begins to take over.

We can only imagine how long it takes to get a routine like this together. Some of the moves that they do are not only beautiful, they are complex and it seems as if nobody is out of position.

Now that the girls are in the center of the room together, they begin the high kick routine that really sets the stage for the rest of the show. I don’t know if it is the unison or the uniforms but the entire group moves together and they blend in as if they were a single unit.

It is when they make the next move, however, that things truly begin to get interesting.

The girls gather into a circle in the middle of the room and it is several circles within the circle. As they start with the high kick routine while they are in this position, it seems as if their entire body is becoming part of the group.

It is not only the high kicks that are amazing, they also tilt their heads from side to side and they do so with such precision that it is almost as if they were a single person. Try to keep your eyes focused on just one of the individuals and you will see just how hard it is to do.

As they gather into a tighter unit and drop to the floor, something amazing begins to happen. With them standing, dropping and moving from side to side, they become a heaving mass and the crowd just can’t stop cheering. All the while, Sweet Dreams continues to play in the background and the girls are moving in perfect unison with it.

The end of the show finishes just as perfectly as it started. Although they are spread out across the floor, they quickly gather to the center into a perfect pile as the song comes to a conclusion. The crowd is cheering so loudly that you can only imagine that they are already on their feet. When you see this video, you will want to watch it several times because it is more than beautiful, it is a true indicator of what is possible when people are working together.

You can watch the entire routine in this video:

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