Male Engineering Student Explains Why His Female Peers Are Not His Equal

If you have been around for a while or, as we like to say, if you have many decades of experience, you can remember life before the Internet. It was a rather interesting time and we often communicated in ways that are not used or are used on a limited basis in today’s world. As an example, we would sometimes write a letter to the editor and it would be posted in the newspaper. It was a way for us to voice our opinion and to let the entire world know how we felt about any subject.

In today’s world, people still have the desire to express themselves and to ensure that others are aware of their feelings. This can either be used in a good way or a bad way and sometimes, it can cause tempers to flare. There are many subjects that can do so and some people avoid those subjects in order to avoid confrontation but others will jump headfirst into them and demand that they have their hearing. Aside from getting their five minutes of fame, they might also get lambasted by many other people who have an opposing opinion.

Although there may be many different subjects that would cause this type of emotion in the debate, the subject of sexism is one that often causes tempers to flare. It doesn’t matter which side of the issue you happen to be on, you are likely very passionate about your decisions and you are not afraid to make them known to others. In some cases, this has led to some rather spirited discussions online as people go in and say something unusual in order to draw people out and to start an argument, for lack of better words.

Perhaps that is what some people were thinking when they read this letter to the editor in a school newspaper. It came from a man named Jared Mauldin, who is a senior in mechanical engineering. He studies at the Eastern Washington University and he started his letter to the editor in a way that probably made the hair stand up on the back of many people’s necks. He let it be known up front that he didn’t think female students were his equal and he wanted to send a letter to the editor in order to let the entire school know about his opinion.



From the start, it may seem as if Jerry had something horrible to say and you might expect that people were going to be jumping all over it in an effort to voice their opinion as well. As it turns out, however, he started the letter off rather strong but he switched gears in the middle of the letter and if people read that far, they were in for a heart-melting experience. He still held to the fact that he felt females were not his equal but when he explained why it opened people’s eyes and made them want to agree with him wholeheartedly.

Part of what Jerry wrote has to do with the world where he grew up. Many of us have experienced something similar in the fact that we are bombarded with slogans and images that tell us about what our true worth should be. As a man, he experienced the world telling him that he should focus on science and should pursue it. Many of his female peers, however, did not grow up in the same world. They were often told exactly the opposite and they may have faced some difficulties along the way.



In the end, Jerry is really talking about how the females in his class are not his peers, not because they are lower but because he has a lot of respect for them. Because of the words of this letter, it was shared online and since that time, thousands of people have continued to pass it along on social media from one person to another. It’s amazing when social media is able to be used in this way and it truly shows you the power of the Internet and the network of people that we have tied together from around the world.

The message that Jerry wanted to get out has touched many lives. He only thought that it was going to be posted in the school newspaper and had no idea that it would be reaching millions of people. As it turns out, his simple message is not only reaching their eyes, it is reaching their hearts as well.



You can read the letter to the editor below:

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