Japanese Artist Takes Things We All Feel And Captures Them Brilliantly Through Art

Art is something that most of us appreciate but it is not something that is the same for everyone. In fact, we all tend to have our own particular likes and dislikes and although we may agree in some cases, there are going to be cases of individuality that also make a difference as well. That is why the diversity of art in the world around us can really make a difference, regardless of whether it is a masterpiece from centuries ago or something that was done in recent months.

At one time, it was necessary to go to an art gallery in order to truly appreciate some of the finer things in life. Of course, the library was also available so that you could look at art in books but in order to truly gain an appreciation for it, it was necessary to see it in person. It was an entire experience and sometimes, it was something that we would travel great distances in order to appreciate. That is still the case today but there is something else that has also brought art closer to our lives and made it much easier to appreciate.

Of course, I’m talking about the Internet and in recent years, it has been possible to enjoy art in all of its glory without ever having to leave the confines of home. Regardless of whether it is a masterpiece or if it is just somebody’s Photoshop images, the Internet makes it very easy for us to find what we truly appreciate in life.

When you think of art, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Some people may consider a painting while others may consider a sculpture to be the ultimate in art. In either case, it is something that is beautiful to view but it also affects us and our emotions as well. In fact, many studies have shown that there is a correlation between emotion and viewing art and there is also an indication that it can even help with our emotional and mental health as well.


The art that is shown on this page is from a Japanese artist known as avogado6. There is not much that is known about him, outside of what is listed in his profile. It seems that he loves chemistry and, like many people, he probably follows his passion in the background. As an artist, however, he brings something to life that almost anybody can appreciate. He is an illustrator and is able to bring something to the world that really unravels the mysteries that many of us face on a day-to-day basis.

Have you ever had a difficulty explaining to somebody how you felt? Perhaps you are feeling particularly joyful on that day or you may have been feeling nostalgic over something that you had lost in the past. These emotions may be seen on the outside to a certain extent but the vast majority of them are contained within us and are not shown to the world. When you try to describe how you are feeling to somebody, it seems as if they just can’t quite get the idea of exactly what you are feeling.


That isn’t the case with this Japanese artist. He takes those emotions that all of us feel and he brings them to life in the illustrations that he displays on his social media page. When you are having a difficulty with your feelings and it seems as if nobody understands what you’re going through, these images are there to explain what you are feeling for you. They are absolutely perfect and as you look down through them, there is no doubt that you will be touched by what he is able to do with his artistic talent.

The 20 illustrations that are shown below not only show the talent of this artist, they also show our feelings and help to communicate them to us as individuals. It really doesn’t matter if you are trying to show somebody how you are feeling or not, when you realize that somebody understands how you are feeling, it can be a fantastic feeling indeed. There is no doubt that you will love these images and will continue to come back to them, time and time again. It is something that can make a difference in our lives and thanks to the talent of this artist, we have something that describes us on a very personal level.


Sometimes you need to leave things in the past

Sometimes you need a lift


The sound of silence

When you spread out like cheese

So tired


Pulling yourself together

Time keeps moving forward

Don’t worry, I’m fine

So fragile


Low on power

Stuck inside

Locking your heart away

Time keeps moving


Too much to handle

Feeling the feelings of others

Living with trauma

When eyes meet


When your job takes your energy

Feeling happy online

Educational gap

Feeling filtered

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