Little Sweetheart Steps On Stage With Superstar And Stuns The Audience With ‘You Raise Me Up’

When was the last time you were at a concert? It is a great way to spend an evening and if the entertainment is on point, the experience can be amazing. For the most part, we will buy tickets for a concert to see a group or individual singer that we know and love but sometimes, there will be a surprise or two thrown in as well.

A surprise was waiting for those who went to the Helene Fischer concert and it came from somewhere that nobody could possibly expect. In fact, once the entertainment began, it took the entire audience and carried them away with the beautiful voice that was introduced to them. It was a little girl that came out on stage and she sang a duet with Helene of “You Raise Me Up.” Once you know the back story of this little singer you will wonder why you have never heard of her before.

The young girl who came out on the stage that evening was Celine Tam. Perhaps you have heard of her before, because she was in the public eye for a short amount of time. She was on America’s Got Talent few years back but she didn’t make it to the finals.


That young singer from Hong Kong was removed from the show but you might have to ask yourself why once you hear this performance.

Of course, Helene is no slacker when it comes to singing and she was the reason why the audience showed up that night. When the two of them started singing together it was nothing short of amazing.


The goosebumps you are going to get from this performance will stay with you for a long time.

Celine was removed from America’s Got Talent by Mel B, one of the judges. The reason for the removal is because she chose a song that was too big for her but now she is standing with a star and keeping up with her in the most amazing way possible.


You can really see the admiration on Celine’s face as she sang along with her partner. It was as if she was just as excited to be there as anyone in the audience and there is no doubt that she felt that way.

You can tell that this little girl was born to sing and she wasn’t afraid to show her talents to anyone who was listening. As soon as she started, the entire audience was taken with her talents and she simply stole the show by the time it was over.


Although Celine may have been a loser on America’s Got Talent, she certainly did not fit that description when it came to her personal talent. Her voice went along perfectly with her singing partner and as she continued to pound it out, she hit notes that would make many professionals envious.

Have you ever heard the expression, “diamond in the rough?” It is used to describe something precious that is not in a position that is typically known as being precious. That description is perfect for Celine and her singing is certainly a pleasure to hear.

You can hear the performance in this video:

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