At 101-Years-Old She Is The Last Living Member Of The Gone With The Wind Cast And Wait Till You See Her

There are very few things in life that are certain but one thing that all of us must face sooner or later is the fact that we are getting older. There are those who tend to age gracefully and they may actually embrace their senior years with a smile on their face. The majority of us, however, don’t relish the thought of seeing another wrinkle appear on our face when we look in the mirror. We tend to fight the aging process and we do everything we possibly can to keep it from occurring.

When we think back on our lives, there may be many fond memories and for many of us, we look back on the Golden age of Hollywood when movie stars were larger-than-life. One of the movies that many of us appreciated was Gone with the Wind, and it is difficult to think of any movie that is as timeless and as much of a classic as that flick. Even if you aren’t old enough to have seen it in the theater when it first came out, you’re probably sat through it more times than you could possibly count and will continue to enjoy it, each and every time that you see it.

Not only was the storyline of Gone with the Wind fantastic, it also had some of the greatest actors and actresses playing their part. One of those actresses was Olivia de Havilland, and you might be surprised to learn that she is still alive today! In fact, she is 101 years old and is you are about to see in the pictures below, she looks absolutely radiant.

The Golden age of Hollywood has come and gone and there are very few actors or actresses who have survived to this day. Olivia de Havilland, however, looks as if she is ready to take on the world and to live for many decades more. Even though she is the only cast member of Gone with the Wind who has survived down to this day, you would have to say that she has survived in style.

Olivia’s father was a British diplomat who was living in Tokyo at the time of her birth. After living in Japan for a short amount of time, she was moved to California with the rest of the family in 1919. As it turns out, Olivia’s mother was an actress prior to the time that she got married and she wanted to ensure that Olivia and her sisters got the best dance, music and acting lessons that they could possibly get. Where else would you find better lessons than in California, home of Hollywood?


Ever since the time Olivia was born, she had a real passion for acting. Over the course of her long and illustrious career, she would star in 49 different movies. One of those movies is perhaps one of her best-known roles, Gone with the Wind.

Olivia had a sister who was also a well-known actress, Joan Fontaine. Unfortunately, these two sisters didn’t get along very well and there was a constant rivalry between the two of them.


These relationship problems would even grow worse when the sisters came up against each other in 1941 for the Oscar for the best actress. Her sister Joan, who played in Suspicion, was given the award.

Queen Elizabeth II honored Olivia in recent years with a rather interesting title: Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. We couldn’t imagine a more suitable name for such a fantastic actress who has touched so many lives over the course of her career. In fact, if the Queen had not bestowed this particular honor upon her, it is likely that we would continue to bestow that honor for her in our heart in a natural way.

The beauty of Olivia is well known and it can clearly be seen in the various films that she played throughout her career. Even though she is over 100 years old today, she has as much natural beauty as she has ever had. That beauty is now found in France, where Olivia lives.

When you look back over the fantastic life of Olivia de Havilland you will have to say that she is not only lived a long life, she has lived a life full of rich blessings. Reaching an age of 101 years old is a luxury for many people but when you are as beautiful and as talented as Olivia, there will be many people cheering you on to see many more years.

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