This Deaf, Blind Baby Is Inconsolable But A Father Discovers A Trick That Melts The Internet’s Heart

As parents, we often face various challenges when it comes to raising our children. Some of the challenges even begin before the children are born! Once they arrive into the world, however, it is time for us to begin caring for them in a very unique and loving way. It would include giving them the proper food, caring for their health and ensuring that they have plenty of love. This is true of any child but sometimes, children have special needs and they need to be cared for in a unique way.
It doesn’t matter who we are or what the situation is surrounding our baby, we’re going to face challenges. For the parents of this young boy, named Gideon, they have challenges that are perhaps more than most parents. He was born with a condition that is known as Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder. It is fairly rare but, because of the condition, Gideon was left without his eyesight and he is also missing the majority of his hearing. It can be hard to console a baby when they can hear and see you but for this child, they are in the situation that is something that most of us will never understand.

Of course, any baby can experience a little bit of crankiness sometimes, and they may seem as if they are inconsolable. Gideon also experiences these problems but how would you console a child that couldn’t see you or hear you? It seems as if it is a difficult situation but the love of these parents goes beyond that barrier. They have come up with a solution that not only keeps Gideon happy, it is making the entire Internet happy as their heart melts watching this video.

Even though Gideon is suffering from a serious condition, when you first see him in the video, you would not know that he had any type of problem. For many of us, Gideon just appears to be a young baby that is crying and needs his parents to step up to the plate and take care of why he is crying. When you stop to think about the fact that Gideon can’t see or hear, however, it really begins to touch your heart.

It is then that the father reaches in and does something amazing. He gives young Gideon a raspberry right on the neck. Not only does it console Gideon, you can even see that the wheels are turning as he reacts to that unique and loving connection with his father. It just goes to show you that, regardless of who we are, we all need that human touch in our lives.

Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder is a rare condition that it is actually a disorder that may include any number of conditions. They could include Zellweger syndrome spectrum as well as rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctua type 1. It is a condition that is inherited from both of the parents, even though they don’t have any of the symptoms themselves. If the parents have other children and they are both asymptomatic, they have a 25% chance of having a child with the same condition.

When a baby is born and they have special needs, the parents are often given additional instructions from the doctors and other medical staff as to how to care for the baby. It could be that they have to be cared for in a special way as far as their diet or perhaps they will have to go to the doctor for treatment on a regular basis.

One of the things that they aren’t always able to tell the parents is how to handle the baby when they are having a difficult day. As we said, all babies have difficulties from time to time and regardless of whether it is colic or if they are just fussy, it can be difficult to handle the situation and to turn the tide. Sometimes, the baby will just be fussy and they want to be fussy and there is no stopping them.

Gideon is fortunate because it seems as if he has loving parents that are willing to be creative when it comes to his special care. They recognize that young Gideon was having a hard time calming down but this father stepped up to the plate and the mother caught a beautiful moment on video for all of us to see.

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