Mom Feeds Baby Girl A Bite Of Food, Her Reaction Makes The Internet Fall In Love With Her

If there is one thing that all of us have in common, is the fact that we love to eat. In fact, it is difficult to find somebody who doesn’t make eating more than just a way to stay alive, they make it an activity. We often gather together with family and friends and it doesn’t matter if we are eating at a restaurant or having a backyard barbecue, it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun. You might even say that it is difficult to be angry when you are eating, simply because it is such a pleasant activity.

Of course, there is a difference between enjoying eating and absolutely loving to eat. The Internet has given rise to a specific group of people that are known as foodies and they tend to seek out food at any opportunity. Some will even travel great distances in order to try something new and unique but regardless of whether you are seeking the world for food or if you are just trying it in your local area, it’s a great activity that we share with family and friends.

It seems as if this little girl is also in love with the food that she is eating. We can all relate to how she feels. Imagine that your favorite food is put in front of you and you are absolutely famished. You would likely have a look of pure satisfaction on your face as you took that first bite and you would probably be smiling by the time it is finished. This little girl has a similar reaction and it is taking the Internet by storm. They have absolutely fallen in love with this little girl and when you see the video, you are sure to fall in love as well.

The little girl’s name is Caroline and ever since she was a newborn baby, she had a love of food. Her mother, Erica Faulhaber even said that when she is around food, there is a party in each and every bite. She simply sits there and waits to be fed patiently but once the feeding starts, the fun really starts.


You can see Caroline sitting so pretty in her walker, just waiting to be fed. She looks absolutely adorable with the pink bib around her neck and a flower in her hair, at least the limited amount of hair that she has available. While we have our attention on Caroline, she has her attention on her mother’s plate.

Caroline reaches for the food but she really doesn’t need to wait very long. Like any loving mother, her mother provides her with everything that she needs and she does so in the best way possible.


As the food finally reaches Caroline’s mouth, she is anticipating the first bite. She absolutely can’t wait to try the food that is in front of her and even though it is only a little amount, she is full of anticipation and just waiting to gobble it down.

After the first bite, the fun actually begins. Rather than waiting patiently for another bite of food, Caroline opens her mouth like a baby bird and just waits until the next morsel is coming in her direction.


It is not only the fact that she is waiting like a baby bird with her mouth open, she is even clenching her fists, flailing her arms and just getting more excited by the minute. It’s almost as if she can’t wait until the next bite comes her way, although it is easy to see that she is not deprived of food. She looks like a happy, healthy baby girl.

Even though Caroline is waiting for the next bite to come her way, she doesn’t exactly wait patiently. She begins to reach out to her mother once again and to do so with her mouth hanging wide-open as if she were guiding it in the right direction.


It’s easy to see how the Internet has fallen in love with this little girl. Not only is she adorable, what she does when she is waiting for food is beyond amazing.

You can watch the entire video of baby Caroline waiting for her next morsel. It is so adorable that you will watch it twice (or more):

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