Grandparents Coax Their Grandson To Say His First Word, His Hilarious Response Floors Them

There are many things that we may appreciate about life and in most cases, they revolve around our children. From the time that they are born, our lives are never the same and they continue to help us to grow in our lives in unique ways. That is true of our children but when it comes to our grandchildren, there really is no comparison. Grandchildren just have a way of wrapping themselves around our hearts and before you know it, they are such an intricate part of our lives that we could never imagine living without them.

One of the things that most of us appreciate about grandchildren is the fact that we get to live vicariously through them. We may have lived for 50, 60 or perhaps even more years but our grandchildren are living life on their own terms and seeing things for the first time. It doesn’t matter what they do or what they see, it is going to be brand-new and that is something very precious to us. We get to experience the world through them and it warms our heart.

If you have ever been around a baby, you realize that they are constantly growing and learning new things. In fact, it seems as if babies are learning something new every day and experiencing something that they have never experienced before. This is true of the little things but when it comes to the larger milestones, they are something that we remember for the rest of our lives.

Perhaps you can remember when your grandchildren took their first step or perhaps when they rolled over on their own. Those are milestones that are worth noting but perhaps the one that we remember more than any other is when they said their first word.

The grandparents in this video have come for a visit and they decide to take on the impossible, they want to teach this young baby how to talk. The baby is busy paying attention to his mother, who is shooting the video but he is also quite interested in his grandmother and grandfather as they are saying some fascinating words.

They start out by saying mama but it seems as if the baby is more interested in the person taking the video than in trying to mimic what they say. That’s when they move on to some of the more common words that babies say, such as milk. Honestly, these grandparents would be happy, regardless of what the baby had to say.

When you really stop to think about the human language, it’s quite amazing that babies are able to learn it in such a short amount of time. If you have ever tried to learn a second language when you are older, you recognize just how difficult it can be. After a baby is born, however, they are able to master much of the English language by the time they enter kindergarten. It truly is amazing.

Babies are taking in language from their parents and from their surroundings from the time that they are first born. They may not try to speak it at first, but they are beginning to comprehend what they are hearing. In fact, there are even studies that show that babies can hear what is being said, even when they are still inside of the womb. That is why many mothers will read to their children during the time that they are pregnant.

These grandparents are not about to give up in teaching their young grandchild how to say that first word. After going through a list of some of the more common words, such as Mama, milk, and Nana, the grandfather decides to go for something that is rather unusual. He tells the baby to say taco and the baby seems to be kind of surprised at this unusual request. The grandfather knows that it is going to be his first word but nobody was expecting what happens next.

This cute little baby, who is smiling at his grandparents and so happy to be with them suddenly shocks everybody by repeating the word taco. It is a moment that is going to be remembered forever and thankfully, it was also caught on video by the mother.

When we look back on life, we recognize that there are many monumental experiences that we have. Those experiences are going to shape us and our personality. This little baby will always have a memory of a first word that is not only humorous, it is delicious.

Watch this baby say his first word and shock everyone!

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