Artist Creates Beautiful Mandalas From Natural Objects And Leaves Them To Be Discovered

The world is a very interesting and beautiful place. It is unique and even astronauts who have looked at it from outside of the atmosphere say that it is like a jewel in space and that it is the loveliest thing that the eye can see. We tend to agree and we even feel that the earth is beautiful in its own right when you are standing on it. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you look around you, you are going to see something that is not only intriguing, it is also beautiful as well. This happens naturally but sometimes, a little help make things even more awesome.

If you have never heard of James Brunt before, you are about to discover that he is somebody that certainly is well worth knowing. He is an artist and he has an eye for something that many of us would simply take for granted. When we look at the world around us, we may not see much in the way of art but when James looks at it, he sees art in everything. Thankfully, he doesn’t keep it to himself but rather, he is more than happy to share is ideas about beauty with the world around him.

James Brunt lives in Yorkshire, England and what he does with the world around him is absolutely beautiful and pleasing to the eye. He takes a look at natural objects, regardless of whether they are leaves on a tree, rocks in the field or anything else that nature has to offer and he creates artwork out of it. Admittedly, these things are beautiful on their own but as you are about to see, he has the ability to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Most of us are interested in making sure that we are as healthy as possible, both mentally and physically. That is why we make get out on a regular basis or at least as often as we are able to do so and enjoy some time in nature. There is something soothing about being out in nature and even scientists have said about how good it is for our mind and our soul. As it turns out, viewing art also has similar benefits. In fact, it is thought that viewing art helps to boost our mental and physical health and can even improve our thinking ability and make us more empathetic.

The benefits of being out in nature and viewing art come together nicely when you see these creations put together by James Brunt. He takes the things that he sees in nature, such as berries, leaves, twigs and rocks and arranges them into pleasing circles and various other patterns. After spending hours creating these simple artistic products out of nature, he takes pictures of the work and then shares them on social media. Look down through the artwork that he has created below and if it is something that touches you in some way or another, you can always follow James on social media and see what he creates next.






















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