25 Beautiful Pictures Of Ice And Snow

When we look at the world around us, we often marvel at nature and all of the beauty that it provides. This is especially true during the colder months and if you look at something that is frozen, you will see that it provides beauty in abundance. The thing is, ice is not only beautiful but it is also damaging and in some cases, it could even be deadly. This part of nature comes together to form something that is perfect in our eyes. When you take a look at it in nature, it often makes you stop and ponder the world around you.

If you have never stopped to think about ice and its properties, you might be amazed at some of the facts that surround this piece of nature. More than likely, you remember from science class that hot air rises and the same is also true of warm water. The water in lakes, streams and even in puddles tends to sink as it gets colder so why don’t the oceans, lakes, and rivers simply freeze from the bottom up?

It is interesting that water will sink to the bottom when it is colder but as it approaches the freezing point, it suddenly rises to the top. That is why the ice will form on top of a body of water, keeping the water from freezing solid. Not only does it provide a surface on top of the water it also helps to insulate the water below it so the water doesn’t freeze quite so quickly. I’m sure that all of the fish would be very happy to understand this one basic fact about nature.

Something else that is interesting about ice is seen in the form of snowflakes. Although billions and trillions of snowflakes may fall during the winter time, there are never any two snowflakes that are exactly alike. This is rather amazing, considering the sheer magnitude of how many snowflakes fall every year. If you have never taken a moment to look at a snowflake through a magnifying glass, be sure you do it during the next snowstorm.


Another type of ice that commonly occurs in nature is hail. This is one of the more damaging types of weather occurrences and when it takes place, it can even be deadly. Many hailstorms produce small pieces of ice that are really no larger than a pea but hailstones can get much larger. In fact, there was a hailstone the size of a bowling ball that was officially recorded in the United States! Imagine having that fall on your car or even on top of your head.

Although ice can certainly be deadly, it can also be one of the most beautiful things in the world around us. As you take a look down through the pictures below, you will see some of the most stunning formations of ice that you have ever seen. Regardless of whether it is a snow roller, an icicle or a frozen lake, it produces a type of beauty that is unforgettable.

#1 Baikal Ice Emerald

#2 Frozen Bubbles


#3 Frozen Lighthouses On Lake Michigan Shore

#4 Folded Snow


#5 Frozen Flower Buds

#6 Frozen Lakes

#7 Ice Blossoms

#8 Frosted Lace


#9 Looks like someone froze looking in the window

#10 Flower After Ice Storm

#11 Frozen Tree

#12 After Freezing Rain In China


#13 Frost On The Fence

#14 Frozen Pond

#15 Frozen Berries


#16 Frost Flowers In The Arctic Ocean

#17 Frozen Grass

#18 Frosted Pine

#19 Icicles On The Blooming Apple Tree


#20 Grass After Freezing Rain

#21 Fudgesicles

#22 Rabbit Or Frost Flowers


#23 Icicle Bush

#24 Leaf After Freezing Rain

#25 Snow Roller

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