Man Manipulates Photos Of His Son And Three Daughters And The Results Are Out Of This World

There is one thing that all of us have in common and that is the fact that we have an imagination. For some people, the imagination is something that carries them away when they need a break from life in general and for others, it is something that they use for work and getting ahead in life. Although we all share this common trait, there are some people who use it in ways that we never even thought of using it before. That is the case with this artist and you are certainly going to appreciate all that he is able to do with his imagination.

The name of this artist is John Wilhelm. He was born in Switzerland and he still lives in Switzerland with his wife and children. When it comes to imaginations, he is somebody who really takes the lead and he also gets his family involved in a unique way. You see, he has a son and three girls and they are the focus of his attention when it comes to his particular art form and his ability to use his imagination in amazing ways. Although he takes normal photographs, he manipulates them and makes them into something that is incredible.

John is somebody who always loved photography and he found it to be more than a hobby, it was something that was a basic part of his life. He was involved in a number of different photography associations in his local area and he grew up in a time before there were digital cameras, the Internet and much of the software that we use today. Perhaps some of you can remember those days when our photographs were actually put into photo albums and we would flip through magazines in order to see the latest pictures that would take us to incredible places.

Although photography has always been very important to many people, it has truly evolved over time. That was something that this artist experienced when he began to get into digital cameras. It lit a fire under his hobby and it truly changed his life in a way that most of us will never experience. It wasn’t only the techniques that were improved when he began using digital photography, it was also his use of software products that truly took things to the next level. That is the focus of this page and it is something that you are going to appreciate looking through from the beginning to the end.

There are different types of photography and the artform is something that changes from one person to another. Some people are only interested in the pure form of photography, one that is simply what takes place when you look through the lens of a camera. There isn’t any type of software work that takes place to the picture after it has been taken, it is just a matter of taking the picture and then displaying it for the world to see. That isn’t what John does, but nobody is complaining about his type of creativity.

John uses Photoshop and a number of different 3-D tools in order to manipulate the pictures that he takes of his family and to create something that is out of this world. Many of the pictures that he takes are quite normal when they first start out but he begins to manipulate them until they are not only unique, they are even impossible in many cases. When you consider his subjects, which are little children, it really helps to take things to a more personal level and it is something that touches many of us, regardless of whether we have children of our own or not.

If you follow anyone who loves taking pictures or manipulating pictures with Photoshop, you likely have a true appreciation for what they are able to do. As you are about to see looking down through these pictures, John has a passion for photography and for making pictures that are extraordinary.

1. It’s always nice under the umbrella

2. Children can’t choose

3. I love the ocean

4. Laying down the line

5. Dinner is ready

6. Bending a banana

7. Pulled by a seagull

8. Reaching for the light

9. She loves spaghetti

10. Frisbee time

11. Pelican came for a visit

12. Snow fun

13. Looking for dad

14. Spring snow angels

15. Amazing loop slide

16. Dandelion fights back

17. Up and way

18. Little Beaver

19. Taking a night hike

20. Brushing the walrus

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