Scientists Review Ordinary Products And The Results Are Hilarious

Making an online purchase is often much different than making a purchase in your local area. For one thing, you typically have quite a few more options available so you can shop around and look at the competition. There is something else that makes online shopping interesting and that’s the fact that you can read reviews from others who have used that product or service in the past. It can go a long way in helping you to be comfortable with your purchase and to make the decision to push the “buy now” button rather than backing out of the webpage and looking for more information.

Amazon is perhaps one of the websites where people look for reviews more than any other. In fact, some people will even go to in order to read the reviews, even if they are not necessarily interested in buying something right away. Not only are they informative, they can also sometimes be amusing. There are even battles that go back and forth between one reviewer and another on occasion, making it seem more like a forum thread than an actual review page.

From time to time, however, you run across a review that is worth considering more than others. Perhaps it goes in-depth as to the different options that are available with the product or it may provide a real-world example of how the product was used. When we find these types of reviews, they often make for good reading and at times, they may even be rather humorous. These are the types of reviews that really make a difference when we are looking for a product or service and we might even find that we are making a purchase, just because we get additional insight into the product.

What if you were to have a scientist give a review on a product and they used it for a rather unusual purpose? When a scientist runs an experiment, they don’t always have the specific products that are necessary in order to make it work properly. They often must be innovative in the way that they use everyday products and sometimes, they may even try to fit a round peg into a square hole.

These types of issues go on in the background and we are often not aware of the fact that they are taking place. From time to time, however, we get some insight into the way that they are using various products. When they decide to leave a review for those products on Amazon, we see that there is more than meets the eye. Not only does it make us scratch our head and wonder what made them think of using the product in the first place, it can also provide some well-needed humor in a marketplace that is sometimes all business.


One of the products that were used by a scientist was a tea strainer. It was a biologist who used it and rather than making a cup of tea, he used it in an experiment on ants. He wanted to see what would happen if ants from two different colonies interacted with each other so he used the tea strainers to contain ants from one of the colonies inside of the other colony. He then left a positive review, which you can see below.

You would probably be surprised if you knew about all of the different ways that scientists used products from hairdryers to dental floss. There truly is no limit as to their imagination and sometimes, the experiments that they are running would not see any success unless they did use those unusual objects.


Fortunately, you have a way of tracking many of these scientific reviews by simply using #reviewforscience. The more you look into this unusual resource, the more you will find amusing and interesting products being used in ways that you had never imagined before.

Scientists are often quite proud of the work that they do. They may only be working with bees or perhaps looking at the way that ant colonies interact with each other but it provides some practical and real-world advice for some product that you may have been considering buying for its intended use.


This just goes to show that scientists are not only interesting and innovative, they can also be practical and funny as well. One thing is sure, the more you look into these reviews from scientists, the more you will come to appreciate what they do on a daily basis.

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