Mom Lets An Epic Fart Slip During Yoga Class And Shares The Experience Online

Many of us have an interest in keeping ourselves healthy and we may find that we are doing what is necessary to be healthy, like it or not. Some things may not be all that enjoyable, such as dieting and counting calories. On the other hand, there are certain things that are not only good for us, they are relaxing and a lot of fun! One of those is yoga and if you have been bitten by the yoga bug, you already recognize exactly what it brings to the table. It helps to strengthen the body, stretch the muscles and to make you feel better about yourself and life in general.

If you have taken a yoga class or two, you already recognize that there are some unusual occurrences that can take place. When you see yoga on TV or in a movie, it seems as if it is the most serene thing you could imagine. There may be some truth to that but inside of our minds and in our bodies, there may be various happenings that aren’t all that serene. That is especially true if you happen to have the urge to pass gas and some of the positions that you put yourself in during a yoga class can certainly facilitate the exit of excess air.

Before we go on with the story of this mother who had an “unfortunate accident” during yoga class, let’s talk about passing gas in general. It can be embarrassing and you may even wonder if there is something wrong with you because it seems as if nobody talks about it for the most part and they certainly don’t go around sharing it with others. That doesn’t mean the people don’t do it. In fact, everybody breaks when and on average, a person produces a half a liter of farts on a daily basis! This is true of both men and women (sorry ladies).

Farts can be funny and quite frankly, they can feel good but they can also be quite inappropriate in the wrong setting. That is especially true when you’re in the middle of a yoga class and everybody is relaxed, calm and quiet. Unfortunately, that is what this mother experienced and she was able to share that experience with the entire class through an explosion of air that could only be considered a trumpet blast. You have to feel sorry for her, because working your way through a yoga class is going to bring up the best and you as far as flatulence is concerned.

You can read through the story that she shared on social media and you are certain to get a laugh or two. We’ll kick things off, however, with a classic scene from Blazing Saddles that will get the laughs rolling:

She begins with a backstory

She put on her yoga gear, which wasn’t all that epic

The class didn’t start off all that great

Now we know why Hobbits avoid yoga

You can run but you can’t hide

Things actually got a little better

Then it started

Blame it on the IBS

The big one is coming

You know it’s bad when you make yourself gag

She almost recovered

Then it got worse

Trying to get away

At least it ended on a positive note

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