This Is Lucas, The Cutest Spider You Will Ever See In Your Life

We may have many different fears in life but sometimes, those fears can become controlling. In fact, fear can sometimes become so controlling that they are referred to as a phobia. These are actually relatively common and people are afraid of almost anything you can possibly imagine. One of the more common phobias, however, is a fear of spiders. That phobia is known as arachnophobia.

For individuals who suffer from arachnophobia, the thought of being near a spider is just too much to manage. In fact, many of them can’t even stand a look at pictures of spiders on the Internet! Once you see these pictures of Lucas, however, you may just have to change your mind about spiders once and for all. After all, Lucas is the most adorable spider you will ever see.

This short little film was put together by a man named Joshua Slice and the short animation uses his nephew Lucas to do the voice. It is a little bit unusual but when you see it, you can’t help but be captivated by exactly how cute the little spider is. In fact, it may even have a future with Disney Pixar.

“This is an animation test of a character I’ve been working on,” Slice writes. “I’m responsible for the design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, and rendering.” You really owe it to yourself to have a look and you will see just how adorable spider can be.

The Internet went head over heels for Lucas. Here are some of the comments.

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