Grandpa Can’t Find His Ringing Phone And The Internet Is Laughing At Where He Found It

Many of us may consider ourselves to be somewhat forgetful and we might have a difficulty finding something when we don’t put it back exactly where it belongs. This has been a bone of contention in many families and sometimes, it can get a little bit ridiculous. In fact, who of us has not experienced losing our glasses or a similar item that we have with us at all times, only to realize that we actually have them with us all along? It seems as if this grandfather is experiencing something similar but the results of it are absolutely hilarious.

This is a familiar scene to many of us. The grandfather has a cellular telephone but he can’t seem to remember where he put it. When you really think about it, he probably spent years tethered to a landline and he wouldn’t be able to get far with it in his hand. When you are done talking on a landline, you hang the phone up to end the conversation and you would know where it was from that point forward. That is not so with our cellular telephone. We may lose it in a wide variety of places and I know that I have left mine everywhere from the nightstand to the time that I actually put it in the refrigerator by accident.

The family gathers around as this grandfather starts looking for his telephone and what do you do when you lose your cell phone? You call it from another phone and try to follow the ring! That’s exactly what this family was doing but they weren’t getting very far in doing it.

When the family would call the phone it would ring and they could hear it but they couldn’t tell where it was located. As you can see, the man is getting quite a chuckle out of the situation and he continues to check his pockets, probably for the 50th time since he lost his phone in the first place.

They noticed something interesting and that is the sound of the cell phone stops when he enters into the home. Obviously, he is carrying the cell phone but nobody knows where.

Eventually, he walks over to the door and then enters into the house with the family following behind him. We can only imagine how funny it was for them to realize that the phone was somewhere but nobody could find it.

Finally, one of the children gets the idea that it may be located on him but perhaps lower than his pockets. They follow the sound of the phone as it is ringing and eventually, end up on their hands and knees with their ears near his ankle. That is when they come to a startling conclusion.

The phone was actually in his shoe! When they remove his shoe, the phone was inside and the mystery was solved. It leaves another mystery, however, and that is, how did he not know that the phone was in his shoe? That is going to continue to remain a mystery but for now, we get to laugh at the video along with the family.

Anybody could have made a similar mistake, regardless of their age. As we get older, however, we may find that we need more assistance and we look to our family to provide it. Fortunately, this man seems to get more than enough love and attention from his family and he seems quite at ease when they are around.

The next time you lose your cell phone or get a call from an older relative who is having some type of difficulty, you might just look at it a little differently. It is not frustrating but rather, it can actually be funny if both of you are willing to laugh at the mistake and move on in life.

You can watch the entire video below:

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