Dad Babysits Daughter’s Dog And Sends Her The Best Texts

When we are little children, we rely on our parents to watch over us and to care for our every need. As we get older, we begin to exert our independence and by the time we hit our teenage years, we often exert it in a very inappropriate way. Something interesting happens as we get older, however, and we start to see our parents from an entirely different perspective. It continues after we move out of the home and have children of our own and suddenly, we are back to depending on our parents again.

Of course, some children may still wonder if their parents are ready to take care of grandchildren but there is one way that you can know for sure; let them take care of your dog! That was the experience of Megan Specksgoor when she had to go on a trip to visit New York City. She was looking for somebody that could take care of her dog, a four-year-old pup named Chance. Rather than looking for a friend to care for her beloved pet, she turned to the person that she knew to do a fantastic job, her dad.

It didn’t take long after Megan went away that she started receiving some rather interesting messages. Her father, the babysitter, was sending her updates on a regular basis and, as you are about to see, they are absolutely priceless.

Megan admits that Chance usually gets along great with her father. This is probably because her dad spoils the dog in every way imaginable. When the dog is around, he does everything with her father and is perhaps with her dad even more than an actual grandchild. We can only imagine the number of treats that this dog is given on a daily basis.

Something that is interesting about Megan and her dog, Chance, is the fact that she rescued him. She found Chance at the Richmond Animal League, walking in with a friend who was looking for a puppy. When she saw this dog, however, who was named Chap, her heart went out to him. He was brought into the shelter because someone had shot him and he had a shattered jaw. A surgery was done to put his jaw back in place and it has been absolutely perfect since that day. She named the dog after her favorite rapper, Chance the Rapper.

We are really fortunate that Megan did not only love the experience that she had with her father, she also decided to share everything online. As you look down through the story, you will see why it has hundreds of thousands of likes and those likes are continuing to grow. In the end, the moral of the story is, trust your parents to take care of your dog. The dog is going to have a fantastic time and you might just end up with an interesting story.

Recently, Meghan Specksgoor had to go a trip to NYC but she couldn’t take her dog with her

So she decided to surprise her loving dad with a granddog instead of a grandkid

“My dad is babysitting Chance this weekend, someone please get this man a grandchild”

Chance looked really happy to spend time with his grandpa

They went on plenty of adventures, bonding along the way

Nothing like a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries!

Now, Meghan and Chance are reunited

And the internet thinks she should get more dogs instead of children

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