A Feminist Claims The English Language Is Sexist But A Linguist Takes Her To School

Debates may take on many different subjects and more than likely, you have also debated something in your life as well. Typically, there are two different sides that are against each other on a particular issue and the argument may continue to go on for hours. Many debates are somewhat lighthearted and it can be just a matter of debating over favorite sports team or perhaps over your favorite pizza topping. At times, however, debates take a rather unusual turn and they can even get ugly.

The particular debate that is spoken of on this page comes from a Tumblr user known as “Feminist Chewbacca.” She wanted to get to the root of a problem that she saw in society. It doesn’t matter if you are a feminist or not, you have to admit that this is a debate that is more than interesting, there are times when it may get heated as well. For this particular point of view, however, she was interested in how sexism seems to permeate, not only society but also the English language as well. This is something that may take you by surprise but you might also be surprised with her argument.

Many of us turn to social media in order to get away from it all. It is something that allows us to connect with friends and family members, some of whom we may not have seen for many years. Social media goes beyond the gathering of friends and family, however, and many people also look to it as a source of news as well. The unfortunate thing is, we are also dealing with fake news in many cases and many people use it as a platform in order to push their own agenda.

As you are about to see, even if you are passionate about a particular subject, it is still necessary for you to check your facts before you get up on a soapbox and begin speaking. Feminist Chewbacca happens to be one of those individuals and she may have had her heart in the right place but her argument certainly was nowhere near in the right place. She made a common mistake that many people make when they are posting information on social media and after you read what happened, you might be less likely to do it yourself.



Have you ever seen information posted on Facebook or some other social media outlet and it sounds interesting enough that you want to repost it? This is something that takes place on a regular basis and you likely have a feed full of those reposts. It’s a great way to spread some information but sometimes, you need to be careful about the information you are passing along. Not all of it is true and most of us are aware of the fact that when you hear something that is almost too good to be true, you may need to run a fact check for yourself.

For the user known as Feminist Chewbacca, a simple re-post turned into something that was far more than what she had ever thought possible. She found this particular post on Visual Poetry and it probably sounded fairly good to her, considering her username. The problem is, the entire premise behind the post was absolutely false and an actual linguist came in and shut her down hard. Regardless of the side of the issue you happen to be on, you almost have to feel bad for her and the fact that he made her look silly, to say the least.



Perhaps it isn’t just about the fact that she wanted to debate a subject but it was the fact that she pushed it on others in a rather forceful way. Her opening words about men fabricating an idea that they are the default sex is almost militaristic in its style. It is difficult to imagine that anyone who is standing on the other side of the issue is going to suddenly change their mind because of a post that was started in that way.

In addition, there was no fact checking that took place in advance as is clearly seen once the linguist gets hold of it. If you want to fact check the linguist’s information, however, you will find that they is right on target.

There is a moral to the story and it is perhaps one that we can all appreciate. It’s interesting and even enjoyable to pass along information that we find online. If you just take a moment to make sure that it is true, however, you will find that things go much better for you.



Feminist Chewbacca, a Tumblr user found an interesting piece of artwork that seemed to go right along with her ideals; sexism is rooted in language.

Unfortunately, for her, a linguist was listening in and they set the story straight in an epic manner:

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