15 Hilarious Comics About Motherhood That Are Spot On

When you look at the traditional family unit, you find that it has many working parts. There is the mother, the father and all the children along with pets and perhaps even an in-law or two. Although they all have their place in the family arrangement, there is one particular member of the family that typically takes the brunt of everything. It is the mother and you really don’t need to look far in order to find out that many mothers are the epitome of hard workers and sometimes, they take the worst of the worst that comes their way.

Mothers are rather interesting when you compare them to other members of the family. They tend to be in the middle of the action and it doesn’t matter if it is a child who is trying to get their attention or if it is a husband who needs something and doesn’t know where else to turn, it is the mother that is the rock that holds things together. Of course, ask any mother and they will also tell you that being the mom is not always the easiest job in the world. In fact, there are times when it may actually be a little frustrating.

If there is one thing that most mothers have in common, it’s the fact that they have a sense of humor. It’s a good thing, too, because mothers have to go through a lot during the day and if they didn’t have a sense of humor, the entire family would suffer as a result of it! Being able to laugh at your problems is a very important part of being a parent and fortunately, there are times when we have a little bit of assistance in laughing out loud at what life throws us.

When you look down through the following cartoons about motherhood, you will find that the artist is not only on target, she is absolutely inspired! Her name is Nathalie Jomard, and she shares her unique humor with the world through these wonderful cartoons. It doesn’t matter how long you have been a mother or what type of situations you are facing in life, you are sure to find yourself in these images as if they were drawn for you specifically!

Life is difficult and being a mother can also be difficult from time to time. We may face various challenges, strange happenings, and aggravations throughout the day. In the end, however, it’s not how we deal with things that come our way but rather, it’s how we deal with ourselves as the day progresses. These comics are sure to help make your day just a little easier.

1. Being in public will never be the same

2. Your clothes need to be replaced

3. Your face is interesting to the baby

4. You can carry anything

5. You’ll make up great hacks

6. Feeding the piranhas

7. No more sleep

8. Testing your will against theirs

9. The toilet is loads of fun

10. The enemy is the sun

11. Goodbye sexy time

12. No private time, ever

13. They are like little earthquakes

14. Good luck getting work done

15. You will never be grossed out again

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