21 Times When Dogs Thought They Were Going To The Park And Ended Up At The Vet

When we have a dog as a part of our family, they quickly become a part that is very important in our lives. Dog owners will do anything that they possibly can for the health and safety of their dog including feeding them the proper types of food, making sure that they have plenty of exercise and providing them with a warm place to sleep. Something else that may sometimes be necessary as part of being a responsible dog owner is to take the dog to the veterinarian. Regardless of whether it is for a regular checkup or if it is because our dog is sick, it is something that we need to consider on an ongoing basis.

Something else that we appreciate about dogs is the fact that they have a personality. In fact, many dogs have a personality that not only rivals those of our human family members, it can even exceeded it in many ways. After all, dogs don’t have that filter that some humans have and when they are feeling something, you are sure to know it. Regardless of whether your dog is happy, sad, disappointed or even emotionally spent,You will see it in their eyes, on their face and in their body language.

Do you enjoy going to the doctor’s office? More than likely, it is something that you would rather avoid but you realize that there are times where it may be necessary. Would it surprise you to know that your dog feels very much the same way? The only difference is, they don’t realize when something is for their own good, they simply allow their emotions to get the best of them. It doesn’t take long before your dog will learn that a trip to the veterinarian’s office is not going to be pleasant so from the moment they learn they are headed in that direction, they will begin feeling the anxiety.

If you have ever seen this type of look on your dog’s face, you will know exactly what I mean. For example, when you put your dog in the car to take them to the dog park, they are excited with their tail wagging, their eyes bright and they may even have a difficulty sitting still during the car ride. If you put them in the car to take them to the veterinarian, on the other hand, they are likely going to be upset and perhaps even just a little bit angry. If you have any doubts as to whether dogs are able to experience these things, they will disappear when you look down through the following 21 pictures.


It doesn’t matter what type of dog you have. They could be big, small, purebred, mixed breed or any other type of dog, they are going to have some anxiety when they go to the veterinarian’s office. In some cases, they may let you know immediately once they figure it out but even after you get to the veterinarian’s office, it is likely that they are going to experience some problems. The difficulty is, your dog will not be the only one who is experiencing problems, you will experience them right along with your pooch.

As you look down through the following 21 pictures, you will likely see one that is very similar to what your dog experiences. For example, a number of dogs will simply hide their face, feeling that they can’t be seen if they can’t see. This is not only something that is seen in dogs, young children will also do something similar where they will hide their eyes and think that you can see them. It’s quite cute, but there is also some stress that is going on in the background as well. Dogs are wonderful creatures and most of us would have a difficulty getting along if we didn’t have our faithful dog by our side.



We recognize that there may be times when we need to take them to the veterinarian but we also know that our dogs are going to experience some stress when it comes to taking the car ride in that direction. For now, we have the opportunity to smile at the following pictures. We know that the people are doing what is best for their dog, just as we do what is best for our dog. It may be stressful for them but we actually get to de-stress by looking at these amazing pictures.

1. Hard to say which is visiting the vet for the first time



2. He came to the realization that he was not at the dog park

3. You can’t see me



4. The bigger they are, the harder they fall

5. They took a different route to the vet but he figured it out



6. This is when he realized where he was going

7. Totally suspicious



8. From happy to upset in no time flat

9. She knows where she is going



10. Total disappointment

11. A last effort at escape



12. They will never find me here

13. Don’t try to talk me out of it



14. It doesn’t matter how big they are

15. Please let me out

16. We are going WHERE?

17. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me

18. Holding hands helps

19. When you break the news to them

20. On his way to get neutered

21. What a face!

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