Cat Goes To The Neighbor’s House And Comes Home With A Note Attached

If you have a cat in your home, you already recognize there are many reasons to love them. They provide us with a lot of enjoyment, comfort and companionship. At times, it also seems as if cats have an ability to see what is really going on under the surface. That was the case with this cat, Nala, who shocked her owners in a very special way.

The cat was left outside during the day and she always came home to stay the night with the family. On this particular day, she came home with a note attached to her collar. It was from a neighbour. They didn’t know where the cat lived but they had been visited by her a lot starting that year.

Take a look at the note and the cat.



They fed her and you might feel bad that she has been raiding their refrigerator. That is, of course, until you find out they had lost their cat and Nala was providing the best comfort for them.

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