This Siberian Farm Has The Fluffiest Cats Ever Seen And The Pics Are Majestic

The Internet has certainly touched all of our lives in very interesting ways but perhaps one of the more surprising things about the Internet is how it brings out the cat lover in all of us. In fact, it is not out of the question for many of us to sit and watch one cat video after another or to look through pictures of our feline friends until hours have passed. It is perhaps one of the most popular pastimes online and if you are somebody that has been bitten by the feline bug, you are going to love these pictures.

Although looking at cats online or viewing cat videos is one thing, it is quite another to own a lot of felines and keep them at our home. Many of us are familiar with a “cat lady” that may live in our local area but the woman that takes these pictures is also taking things to the next level. She has fulfilled the dreams of many cat people and has actually dedicated her farm into building a homestead for cats. She even proclaims that it is ‘Catland’ and thanks to the power of the Internet and social media, these videos and pictures have gone viral.

Her name is Alla Lebedeva and she is a Russian farmer. She has an absolute love for felines but it goes beyond simply having a cat or two as a pet. Rather, she has taken her farm and given sanctuary too many cats that would be homeless and she continues to take pictures of them and share them online. Being just outside Barnaul, Siberia, it’s no surprise that most of the cats that are on her farm are Siberians. They are outdoor cats, but they have a lot of luxuries that many other farm cats live without.

According to this Russian “cat lady,” she has been housing cats and raising them for over a decade. She does so with her husband Sergey and she gives them plenty of love and attention. They live in the hen house and they have three bedrooms available for their needs, depending upon how they feel where they want to sleep. The hen house provides some protection from the weather outside but don’t be concerned, they are outdoor cats and they are perfectly happy and healthy on this Siberian farm.


It is a symbiotic relationship. She takes care of the Siberian cats by giving them a nice place to live and making sure that they have plenty to eat and the cats take care of her and her farm by protecting the rabbits and chickens from any mice or rats that may be in the area. Not only that, those cats also provide her with a lot of love and attention and as you are about to see, with plenty of beauty all over the farm.

The daily adventures of this feline family have caught the attention of thousands of people on YouTube. They continue to be circulated online and with beauty like this, it’s easy to see why they have gone viral.




























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